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For years the Fuld ancestry remained a mystery. Because the family immigrated from Germany in 1854 much of their story was lost with generations of silence. Beginning a new life in a new country often meant cutting ties to family members left behind. Leaving the past in the past was common and what isn't talked about doesn't get recorded. Factor in a family feud that lasted 96 years and you end up with a very difficult and incomplete story. Thanks to the web and sites like in particular, the hunt is made that much easier and a family tree with many branches has emerged. In fact since January of 2008 fifteen different Fuld family members have made contact through this site.

For over fifteen years we have searched census records, libraries, family bibles, cemeteries, church and temple records, and interviewed family members in our search of long lost Fuld relatives. To date we have located many previously unknown Fulds. This section was created to help trace the Fuld lineage. If you believe you might be related contact us and let us know. If you are a family member please stay in touch!