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Carrie Anne Fuld
May 14th 1892 - June 1st 1953

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Carrie Fuld's Piano

Carrie Anne Fuld was born in Baltimore, Maryland on May 14th 1892 to William Fuld and Annie Schmidt. She was the oldest daughter and firstborn of seven children, five boys, and two girls. Listed from oldest to youngest; Carrie Anne, William Andrew, Katherine Bowie, Paul Ambrose, George Edward, Arthur Francis, and Hubert Harris. Carrie Anne was named after her mother Annie Carrie Fuld. Carrie's youngest living sibling was Hubert Harris Fuld who was twenty-one years her junior. As the firstborn, Carrie's future was bright. She was a musical prodigy and enjoyed playing the piano. Carrie graduated with two certificates from the Peabody Institute Conservatory attending the school from 1910-1927.

In 1914 she earned her first certificate in piano and in 1925 received her second certificate in harmony. She studied composition under Gustav Strube, founding conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and later with Katherine Luke. Their notes read “splendid, very intelligent, and extremely bright. Carrie shows real creativity.” Neither were known for easy grading and the comments were noteworthy. She also studied piano with Mr. Boyle, Mr. Oswald, and Mr. Muntz. Carrie studied the violin with Van Hiltz who gave her high marks for her first year. She then studied voice to better understand composition. She left the school in 1927 to attend to the death of her father.

Her father William assigned his second talking board or Ouija patent (No. 1,125,833) to Carrie which was granted on January 19th 1915. This patent was used in various litigation particularly against his brother and her uncle Isaac Fuld.  Tragedy struck the Fuld family on February 24th 1927. William Fuld, while overseeing the replacement of a flagpole was tragically killed by complications falling from the roof of his three story Harford, Lamont, and Federal Street factory.

Carrie Fuld suffered from rheumatoid arthritis which eventually made it difficult for her to walk. The family had done well for itself enabling them to take Carrie to the best doctors and enroll her in new experimental treatments. Carrie was taken to Hot Springs, Arkansas for therapy. Her legs became bent from the disease and a doctor at John Hopkin's put her legs in casts to straighten them out. When the casts were removed, she could no longer walk or bend her legs. Her teeth were pulled and gold was injected into her veins all with the hope of curing her. Unfortunately, none of these treatments worked.

Bedridden for many years Carrie Anne Fuld died of uremic poisoning while living with her sister Katherine on June 1st 1953. Her piano pictured above now rests in the parlor of her niece Kathy.