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Paul Ambrose Fuld
January 25th 1899 - November 6th 1988
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Paul Ambrose Fuld

Paul Ambrose Fuld was born in Baltimore, Maryland on January 19th 1899 to William Fuld and Annie Schmidt. He was the fourth child and second boy of seven children. Listed from oldest to youngest; Carrie Anne, William Andrew, Katherine Bowie, Paul Ambrose, George Edward, Arthur Francis, and Hubert Harris. Paul's youngest living sibling was Hubert Harris Fuld who was fourteen years his junior. He had two other younger brothers, George Edward and Arthur Francis. Sadly, they both died before the age of one. As the second son, Paul had a future in the Ouija and toy business had he wanted it. However, life had other plans for Paul. Unlike his brothers and sisters the Ouija board business would never be Paul’s passion. Though, over the years he would often return to the business for short periods. Paul was named superintendent to William Fuld & Sons in 1922 and Secretary and Treasurer in 1929. Tragedy struck the Fuld family on February 24th 1927. William Fuld, while overseeing the replacement of a flagpole was tragically killed by complications falling from the roof of his three story Harford, Lamont, and Federal Street factory.

Paul Fuld had two patents in his name. One for a tire tool he registered with his bother William A. Fuld on January 6th 1925 (No. 1,521,677) and another on a trundle toy which was registered on October 23rd 1945 (No. 2,387,507.) He filed for a trademark on the word Ring-O-Nok, presumably for his trundle toy, on November 16th 1945 (Serial No. 491,711.) For reasons unknown the trademark was never registered.

Paul Ambrose Fuld married the love of his life, Mildred Mary Bush in 1926. They had three children; Paul Ambrose, Jr., Marian Katherine, and Mildred Anna. In his younger years, Paul would often watch Mildred walking home from school and tell his family that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Mildred was equally devoted to Paul. When he would go to work at the Harford Factory, she would often wait in the car and have lunch with him on his break. After he married he moved to Towson just outside of Baltimore to the same street his brother Hubert, William Andrew, and sister Katherine lived on. In 1936 he built a house in Glen Bernie and opened a woodworking and furniture shop with his son Paul, Jr. By 1957 he returned to Baltimore for a few years though and in 1960 Paul and his family moved to Tampa, Florida where he worked in a wood mill as a foreman. After a single year Maryland called him home and in 1961 he returned to Glen Bernie. Between 1961 and 1964 Paul returned to the family business and worked at the Fort Avenue factory. Paul’s final move would be to Kent Island in 1964 where he built a new house and lived out the remainder of his life on Maryland’s eastern shore.

Paul Ambrose Fuld died at Easton Memorial Hospital on November 6th 1988 after suffering a dizzy spell and a fall at his home.