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Parlor Return Pool Tables

Though William Fuld is best known for manufacturing the Ouija board and the Mystifying Oracle, he also produced dozens of other games, amusements, and novelties. From 1892 until his death in 1927 he ran a successful pool table business. The most popular pool tables were smaller more portable ones that folded up when not in use. These smaller tables attracted every day people who didn't have large game rooms and couldn't afford the larger full size versions. This way when the pool tables weren't in use they could be packed away and stored.

Among Fuld's catalog are combination fifty-seven boards, wooden toys in the shapes of animals, furniture, wagons, pails, sandboxes, ring-toss games, dart boards, Croquet sets, bean-bag ring-toss boards, and a variety of pool like games. This list is in no way complete. If you have something with a William Fuld label and don't see it within these pages please click here and let us know. Our goal is to list every William Fuld item produced and for that we need your help. Please enjoy William Fuld's other items and we look forward to hearing from you.