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William Fuld Factory Label
Circa 1911 - 1917

Location, location, location! Above is a list of Baltimore, Maryland Ouija factories and offices. These factories and offices have their own stories which together follow the Ouija board from obscurity to number one selling game. Each link contains a detailed history of each location as related to William Fuld and the Ouija board. If the spirit moves you to visit Baltimore, click here for a Google map that marks each site. Many of the factories are located just a few blocks from each other. Some are brownstone residences which served as homes and offices while others were full time Ouija producing factories.

Baltimore is currently undergoing an urban revival and rehabilitating many of these period buildings. While at one time these areas were prime real estate for Baltimore businesses, as the city's industries changed many buildings were left deserted. Some are in disrepair while others house new businesses. In fact, most of the current owners had no idea their building had a Ouija connection until we contacted them. As a result we are working with the city of Baltimore to get 1508 Harford Avenue designated as a city landmark. Show your support and click here to contact the Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation and tell them we sent you!