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Elijah J. Bond | Charles W. Kennard | Harry Welles Rusk | Washington Bowie | Washington Bowie, Jr. | William H. A. Maupin | John F. Green | E. C. Reiche

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Bowie, Rusk, Bowie Jr., and Kennard

All those listed above directly impacted the birth and development of the Ouija board. Without the following folks and their contributions The Wonderful Talking Board well, wouldn't be all that wonderful. The lives of these men are intertwined with the Ouija board's own story and are therefore worthy of more than a passing mention. It's impossible to imagine what the Ouija board would be like without them and just as impossible to imagine what their lives would have been like without the Ouija board. For better or for worse these are their stories. We have been hunting for over fifteen years to find pictures and relatives of these men. If you are a relative of Elijah Bond, Charles Kennard, Harry Welles Rusk, Col. Washington Bowie, Washington Bowie Jr., William Maupin, John T. Green, and E. C Reiche or have any information on these individuals please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

All Fuld family members who influenced the Ouija board are listed under the family tree.