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The best way to thank all the amazing people who have given us their time and interest over teh years is to acknowledge them and their work. Over the past fifteen years we have met and worked with the descendants of those involved with the invention of the Ouija board, librarians, researchers, administrators, government officials, reporters, and fellow historians. We can't imagine where we would be without their tireless effort and help. Surely the story of William Fuld, his family, and the Ouija board would remain untold. The following individuals are true heroes to the cause, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

William Albertson — Maupin Genealogist
Chris Becker — Maryland Historical Society
Donna Bluemink — Portsmouth and Norfolk, Virginia historian
Washington Bowie V — Col. Washington Bowie's grandson
Edie Carmichael — Portsmouth Public Library
Tony Cecil — Ouija board collector
Charlotte — Hebrew Friendship Cemetery
Christine Creedon — St. Johns Episcopal Churchyard
Diane Daniels — Kent County Historical Society
Ron Davis — Anne Arundel County Genealogical Society
Christian Day — witch, psychic, web designer
Walter Dent Jr. — William H. A. Maupin and Elijah Bond's descendant
Jack Diller — Chester Cemetery
Jeannine Disviscour — Maryland Historical Society
LTC Michael Edrington — U. S. Military
Joanne Ekeledo — Baltimore City College
John Ellsberry — researcher and author
Gail Farr — National Archives - Mid Atlantic Region
Tim Frank —researcher
Doug Frost — Maryland Institute
Kathy Fuld — granddaughter of William Fuld
Stuart Fuld — grandson of Isaac Fuld
Shawn Gladden — Baltimore Museum of Industry
Edmund Gruss — author
Amy Hunter — Maryland Institute
Mike Jendreski — Ouija board collector
Gary Halteman — husband
Sonny Hersch — owner of Harford Avenue factory
Eric Holcomb — Baltimore City Official
Peggy J. — Druid Ridge Cemetery
Debbie Kennison — Peabody Institute
Peter Kurtz — Maryland Historical Trust
Cathy Landsman — Washington County Historical Society
Lee Lears — Enoch Pratt Free Library
Venus Mason — Druid Ridge Cemetery
John Metzler — Arlington National Cemetery
Hank Morris — Retired General
Paul McCardell — The Baltimore Sun
Dave McKinley — volunteer at St. Johns Episcopal Churchyard
Edward O'Brian — retired patent attorney
Gene Orlando — Ouija board collector
Winifred Pierce — William H. A. Maupin and Elijah Bond's descendant
Ridgley Porter — William H. A. Maupin's relative
Tammi Prysiazny — Green Mount Cemetery
Bonnie Roland — Portsmouth City Recreation Department, Cemetery Office
Carol and Michael Sapol — parents
Elizabeth Scahhf — Peabody Institute
Wayne Schaumburg — Maryland historian
Rob Schroberline — Maryland Archives
Bill Sleeman — University of Maryland School of Law
Phil Stackhouse — Howard County Historical Society
Douglas Sterner — Home of Heroes
Elaine Star — Ouija board collector
Luis Torres — Arlington National Cemetery
Deb Weiner — Jewish Museum of Maryland
Dan Whitaker — Ouija board collector
Phyllis White — Arlington National Cemetery