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The Ouija Board
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Ouija Board Display
Circa 1919

The Ouija board's past is shrouded in mystery and for years left forgotten and buried in the dusty pages of city, vital, and family records. Once described as "without doubt the most interesting, remarkable, and mysterious production of the 19th century" its own story is equally entertaining. Below details William Fuld and the Ouija board's meteoric rise in popularity. Sit back, turn the lights down low, and learn how the Ouija board forged lifelong friendships, came between two brothers, and split a family in two. The Ouija board is now a pop icon and those who manufactured it made millions. Blessing or curse? You decide.

It's impossible to separate William Fuld from the Ouija board's tale and so the question remains...Did William leave his mark on the Ouija board or did the Ouija leave its mark on William? How did a simple game born as a parlor amusement inspire the right mix of controversy and fun needed to continue its popularity into the 21st century? "Call it a game if you like – laugh at the weird, uncanny messages it brings you if you dare, but you'll have to admit that the Mystifying Oracle Ouija gives you the most intensely interestingly, unexplainable entertainment you've ever experienced."