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Kathy & Stuart
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Kathy & Stuart Fuld

Kathy and Stuart Fuld are single handedly responsible for ending a 96 year old bitter family feud as well as the inspiration for this very site. For this reason it is the only section I will write in the first person. Because of their honesty and willingness to dig up the past a new more thorough history of their family and the Ouija board is being written. They have opened their homes and their hearts with one goal in mind, to correct the misinformation which currently chronicles their family and the Ouija board. When we all met back in 1997 I don't think any of us had any idea what impact burying the hatchet would have. Clearly, deciding not to carry on a family feud that had been passed down from the previous two generations took courage. Borrowing enemies is easy. Yet, Kathy went out on a limb and decided to call Stuart and introduce herself, though she half expected to get hung up on. Little did she know that Stuart had waited his entire life for that call and had long ago given up on hearing from the other side. They are my friends, and this is their story.

Kathy and Stuart had both visited my original website OuijaWitch's Wonderful World of Talking Boards. Kathy, the granddaughter of William Fuld, decided to sign my guest book as “granddaughter of WF.” Of course, I had some pretty crazy things written on my guest book but after about a five-minute phone conversation I knew she was indeed who she said she was. Shortly after that I was contacted by Stuart Fuld, the grandson of Isaac Fuld. I had just finished reading a 1990 article in the August issue of Warefield's which featured an interview with Stuart. The timing couldn't have been better. Unfortunately, I learned that the Fuld feud was still going on and neither side had spoken with each other since 1901. Both Kathy and Stuart had been so wonderful, and I was scared to death to tell each side that the other one had made contact.

One night Kathy called me and asked for Stuart's number. About an hour later she called me back and told me she had talked to Stuart and made plans to go out to dinner with him and his wife. When Kathy introduced herself to Stuart on the phone, he said “I have waited my whole life for this phone call!” When they met for dinner Stuart hugged Kathy and didn't let go. He again explained he was sorry, but they had some ninety odd years to make up for. With the feud dead and buried their family's story began to emerge and with it the secrets of the Ouija board. Ten years later the families continue to stay in touch and get together when they can.

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Kathy and Jack

Kathy Fuld is the only child of Hubert and Catherine Wisner Fuld. She graduated Towson High School and then Villa Julie College where she studied business administration. Her first job was at the Equitable Trust Bank as their receptionist. She worked at William Fuld Inc. from 1964 until it was sold to Parker Brothers in 1966 thus becoming the third generation of Fulds to sell Ouija boards. She is a member of Beta Sigma Phi and has worked with the Board of Education in Baltimore County since 1980. She married Jack on June 16th 1964 and they have three wonderful children. From oldest to youngest they are Kristin, John, and Janice. Kathy is now a proud grandmother and continues to reside in Maryland with her husband and chocolate lab Trevor.

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Stuart and Kay Fuld

Stuart Fuld is the first child of Stuart G. and Helen Virginia Powell Fuld. He graduated Baltimore City College and joined his father in the grocery business. He then signed up with the United States Marine Corps at the age of twenty. Stuart remained in the grocery business for fifty years and retired in 1997. He married Kathleen Burkhart on October 8th 1960 and has four wonderful girls. From oldest to youngest they are Sandra, Janis, Laurie, and Nancy. Stuart is a proud grandfather and continues to travel extensively. He and his wife Kay reside in Maryland and are coming up on the their fiftieth wedding anniversary.