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William Fuld
Patent No. 476,046

The Fuld family held many patents and trademarks on toys and amusements that remarkably had nothing to do with the Ouija board. In fact, William Fuld's first patent (No. 476,046) registered May 31, 1892 was actually on a pool table variant and his first trademark (No. 37,805) was on a parlor pool variant called Did U.C. Billie registered February 18, 1902. Though William received the last Fuld non-Ouija trademark (No. 171,003) on Rocking Circus registered July 31, 1923, it was his son William Andrew who would file the last non-Ouija patent (No. 1,951,973) for his electric pinball machine registered March 20, 1934. Between 1902 and 1934, the Fulds registered many more and manufactured these other toys. For instance Isaac Fuld also held a patent (No. 924,978) on a pool table that was registered on June 15, 1909. Remembered for his alternative to the Ouija board his Oriole trademark (No. 86,526) registered on May 14, 1912 was also used for his pool tables. Above, grouped by name are those registrations.

Most of these registrations were found while we were digging for the Fuld's Ouija trademarks and patents. It sure is interesting to see what other toys were popular at the time. Though the Fulds stopped manufacturing these other toys when they moved out of their Harford, Lamont, and Federal Street factory they live on through these pages. Only a few of these other toys have surfaced. Do you have one? If so please contact us as we'd love to hear from you.