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Hubert Harris Fuld
May 15th 1913 - January 23rd 2003
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Hubert Harris Fuld

Hubert Harris Fuld was born in Baltimore, Maryland on May 15th 1913 to William Fuld and Annie Schmidt. He was the youngest of seven children, five boys and two girls. Listed from oldest to youngest they are; Carrie Anne, William Andrew, Katherine Bowie, Paul Ambrose, George Edward, Arthur Francis, and Hubert Harris. Hubert was named after two important people to the Fuld family. His first name for the doctor who delivered him, and his middle name for Reverend Harris Kirk who ministered at the Franklin Street Presbyterian Church. Hubert's youngest living sibling was Paul Fuld, fourteen years his senior. His eldest brother and sister were almost twenty-one years older. As the youngest child, Hubert had both parents and his siblings to dote on him. He was the apple of his father's eye, and William always carried pictures of Hubert with him on his business trips. Whether the photographs were personal or advertisements for his toy company one can often make out Hubert's appearance on the wall.

Hubert Fuld attended public schools and graduated from Baltimore High School and the Baltimore City College. Tragedy struck the Fuld family on February 24th 1927. While overseeing the replacement of a flagpole, William Fuld was tragically killed by complications falling from the roof of his three story Harford, Lamont, and Federal Street factory. Hubert was only thirteen years old. Hubert's siblings quickly stepped in, and his oldest brother, William Andrew, became his mentor and surrogate father.

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Hubert Harris Fuld - Uniforms

With William Andrew and Katherine Bowie running the Ouija and toy business, Hubert explored other areas of interest. For a short time in 1936 he was employed by Ace Auto as a car salesman. All paths eventually led home and Hubert returned to William Fuld & Sons as its Vice President. During WWII Hubert worked for Owens building LCVPs. By 1942 he had become the President of William Fuld Toy Manufacturer with his brother William Andrew as Vice President. Hubert would oversee various incarnations of the Ouija board including the merging of its sister board, the Mystifying Oracle. He even invented a magnetic version of the Ouija board though it was never manufactured. Hubert Fuld would continue to act as President until he sold the business in its entirety to Parker Brothers on February 24th 1966.

Hubert Fuld married Catherine (Kathryn) R. Wisner on October 1st 1934 and had one daughter, Kathryn Ann. Hubert often played the violin accompanying his wife who played the piano. He also liked to sing. Hubert had a passion for boats of which he owned four. First the Clara, then the Aloha, and the last two boats he had were both named the Ouija. He was a member of the Patapsco River Power Squadron for 50 years. Hubert loved his family, and enjoyed spending time with them. Hubert Harris Fuld died a great grandfather at the age of 89 at his home in Towson, Maryland on January 23rd 2003.