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Katherine Bowie Fuld Frederick
August 11th 1897 - June 21st 1981
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Katherine Bowie Fuld Frederick

Katherine Bowie Fuld was born in Baltimore, Maryland on August 11th 1897 to William Fuld and Annie Schmidt. She was the second daughter and third of seven children, five boys, and two girls. Listed from oldest to youngest they are Carrie Anne, William Andrew, Katherine Bowie, Paul Ambrose, George Edward, Arthur Francis, and Hubert Harris. Katherine Bowie was named after Col. Washington Bowie demonstrating the deep friendship between William Fuld and Col. Bowie. Katherine's youngest living sibling was Hubert Harris Fuld who was sixteen years her junior. Katherine was beautiful and smart. She was musically inclined and enjoyed playing the piano. She composed her own music specifically a few Ouija songs. Katherine Bowie received her education from public school. Like her older brother and sister, Katherine attended the Peabody Institute Conservatory from 1925-1927 studying violin and was a member of the Hopkins Orchestra. She was forced to leave the school in 1927 following the death of his father. She had four patents registered in her name. All of them were wooden animal shaped toys. Like William Andrew, Katherine worked at the family business.

Tragedy struck the Fuld family on February 24th 1927. While overseeing the replacement of a flagpole, William Fuld was tragically killed by complications falling from the roof of his three story Harford, Lamont, and Federal Street factory. Katherine Bowie was thirty years old. In 1929 she was named vice president. Katherine Bowie and William Andrew would run the Ouija and toy business together until Hubert was experienced enough to take over. She had an excellent sense of humor, was quite adventurous, and was extremely generous.

Katherine Bowie Fuld married Jim Frederick though they later divorced. They did not have any children.

After her divorce she moved in with her brother William Andrew. They traveled together often taking trips on Hubert's boat. Katherine Bowie Fuld Frederick died on June 21st 1981.